Gearbox Repair & manufacturing

MRC Gears has been the specialist for the smallest fixes up to entire remanufacturing or new-build programs of large gearboxes of any kind, for over more than 70 years. As we are working with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled craftsmanship we are able to get the equipment back in the field up and running as fast as possible. For new-build programs, we deliver on demand. Our team consists of dedicated technicians with a true focus on service. It is their drive and extensive expertise that sets MRC Gears apart from the competition and guarantees gearboxes to operate in compliance with the specification and requirements. MRC specialists can reply quickly to your questions, your spare parts requests or requests for on-site service. We are standing by 24/7 and can usually be on site within hours.


MRC can reverse-engineer the gears, measure them out, and render production drawings. After the gears have been produced, the measurement protocols of the teeth are made in the usual manner.

MRC benefits from two MAAG manipulators, enabling the tooth contact pattern to be checked without the actual gearbox being present. Clients like the contact pattern of the ground teeth to be protocolled, which can now be accomplished without needing the gearbox to be present at MRC.


MRC wants to help its clients with a simple philosophy: try to repair parts instead of replacing them. When a gear is damaged, it is often possible to restore it through grinding. In the case of a gear set, we try to maintain the wheel by grinding it and adding a new larger pinion.

MRC has the capacity to grind complex tooth geometries. Besides head and foot corrections, teeth can also be ground barrel-shaped. Side corrections can also be ground to compensate for torsion. Grinding corrections are made based on drawings, according to the original, or in collaboration with gear engineers from a partner company.


Quality Control

Part of the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) applicable for the grinding of gear wheels is quality control and measurement. MRC is capable of conducting a measurement report and tooth profile diagram when the wheel is still on the grinding machine and, in the event of a hold point, MRC keeps the wheel in the machine and, upon approval of the tooth profile diagram by the customer, the wheel will be removed from the grinding machine. In the event of remarks, the wheel will be adjusted by machining up to an acceptable completion without losing the original reference.
A measurement report will be conducted and submitted to the customer for approval prior to final delivery.

MRC Gears has been around for a while. Founded more than 75 years ago, we have a strong commitment to deliver quality through craftmanship. Our machinepark is up-to-date and is operated by true ironworkers that put pride in their work. This policy has made MRC a solid name in the Rotterdam harbour.